At Dunblane Equestrian Centre, only the best of everything is good enough; it is with this conviction that we invite you to join our select group of exclusive sponsors. Joining the Dunblane Equestrian Centre as an exclusive sponsor is a great way to get valuable exposure for your company where it really counts with year round advertising in an affluent and prestigious estate.

We are currently in search of exclusive sponsors for 15 events that Dunblane Equestrian Centre will host during 2017; in addition to these 15 events, the centre’s grounds are hired out to 10 outside events – insuring your brand further exposure.

Our events draw approximately 200 horses per event – on average, this translates into 600 spectators with their eyes on your brand! However, the September Derby, now in its 3rd year, draws some 600 horses and approximately 2000 spectators.

The Benefits

As an exclusive sponsor we guarantee that you will get your money’s worth with maximum exposure in the following ways:

·         A link to your website on the Dunblane Equestrian Centre’s website

·         Newspaper advertising leading up to the event

·         Weekly promotion/advertising of your company/brand on our social media platform (Facebook)

·         The right to distribute your company banners, flyers, flags, etc. at the event

·         Indirect advertising through the South African Show Jumping and Dressage websites which host over 3,000 riders

·         A banner around the arena for 2017 (2,3m x 0,7m)

·         A Pop-Up Shop to sell your product(s) and promote your company/brand at said event

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss the various available sponsorship options available.

All the best,

The Dunblane Team”